Susan Burrell

Inspirational Empowerment Cards

inspirational empowerment cards


Introducing Susan’s Inspirational Empowerment Cards

These Empowerment Cards were designed to give you inspiration and empower you in your daily life. The cards include affirmations, inspirational quotes and journaling prompts.

“These affirmations, quotes and journaling prompts helped me to heal within myself and come out of divorce happy, whole and free from my past. My intention for you is to pull a card at random each day
and work with the message on the card . . .
Enjoy your journey to a more empowered life.”
Susan Burrell

The cards are square in shape and measure 2.5” x 2.5.” They are small enough to fit in your back pocket or bag. Each set includes 52 cards and a small instructional booklet packaged in a beautiful drawstring mesh bag.

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$18.50 - 1 Set of Cards
$28.00 - 2 Sets of Cards
$34.00 - 3 Sets of Cards
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52 Cards in each set.