Susan Burrell
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Live An Empowered Life

Susan Burrell riffs on the word EMPOWER and the meaning behind each letter.

Live An Empowered Life!


Start Today!

It's about respecting yourself first and then moving forward from there.



E is for ESTEEM - To regard with respect or admiration. Do you respect or admire yourself? Do others respect or admire you? And do you believe them?
M is for MOVEMENT - Create Transformation. Move from what was to what is. Let go of your story about the past and uncover what has always been within you. Excavate your divine spark within. How much are you willing to truly change/transform/evolve?
P is for PURPOSE - Find what brings you joy and purpose. What is your purpose now? Based on who you are now? Keep it simple. Listen to your heart!
O is for OWNERSHIP - Claim what matters to you. Take ownership. Do you own your mistakes? Your successes? Do you over-compensate for your mistakes? Do you defer your successes to someone else? Do you give yourself away?
W is for WONDER - Bring Wonder and Innocence into your life. Have you lost it? Do you possess it? What would it take to experience it again, on a regular basis?
E is for EMANCIPATE - Free from restraint or influence; free from inner bondage. Releasing the past. Are you ready to release the need to hang onto old patterns of survival that you thought were necessary for family, for love, for success? 
R is for REALIZE - Realize your inner truth., the truth that has always been inside you Realize the Love that you are and the Power that you are when you live in that Love. 


LivE An Empowered Life Retreats

empowering Retreats for Women

Susan's Empowered Life Retreats are designed to empower women from the inside out. The goal of these retreats is to uncover the TRUTH of who you are and always have been. You will be supported in moving through your personal traps that have kept you from radiating your brilliance and amazing talents out into the world.  With all the chaos in the world, now is the time to dig deep and let your brilliance shine!

Empowered Life Retreats will launch in the Fall of 2019.