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Lock into what you love

When I was going through a very difficult time in my life, people would say to me, "Just do what you love."  Or “ What do you want in your life?“

Well, that just frustrated and stymied me.  How could I know what I wanted or what I loved to do in my life when I had spent my entire life giving pieces of my self away in order to make other people happy?

Does this sound even vaguely familiar?  

I had to get very real with myself and ask some very scary questions, like:  “If you could do anything in your life, what would it be?  What would make you happy?”  And these really were scary questions because I had never asked them of myself.  I was too busy trying to make people I “loved” happy to acknowledge that my own happiness was not being addressed. Who has time for that?!?

We are always at choice for how we want to live our lives. In order to live an empowered life, you have to clean up your inner landscape - recognizing deep held belief systems that may not even be your own. Freeing yourself from old behaviors and patterns that are no longer who you are, if they ever were.  I call it Inner Emancipation. Releasing yourself from that inner bondage so you can live an Empowered Life filled with love, freedom, opulence and creativity. 

Why not allow me to be your guide at the crossroads of your life? Together we can navigate through the fear of the unknown and find the brilliant, creative and happy Divine being you have always been.

I completed my session with Susan tingling. She is gentle and calming but her strength is unmistakable. Her insight has changed my life on many levels. I have found a new awareness and strength thanks to our work together. If you are facing challenges, I would recommend working with Susan to identify the root and make the necessary cuts to the psychic ties that bind. The resulting freedom is invaluable.

My session with Susan was AMAZING. Her process was so enlightening. Her session helped me to connect dots that had recently shown up in my life. I was able to take parts of myself that I had compartmentalized and see where they were integrated I DEFINITELY felt an empowering shift both mentally and in my energy field. Susan's ability to discern the energy around me in the spiritual realm provided a wealth of love and support during the process!