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Empowering Workshops/registration 

Workshops to be held at Celebs Hair Salon in Ventura, CA. Click here for workshop details.

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Terms & Conditions

I am so grateful that you are here and are interested in working with me. I am honored. Here are the legalities of our work together.

  1.  All service purchases are non refundable. I do, however, honor the credit for one year. In the event that something major has happened in your life (like you are moving to Mars) we can discuss postponing services for an agreed amount of time so your credit doesn’t expire.
  2. Once your appointment is on my calendar, you have 24 hours to purchase it. If you do not, your appointment will be automatically deleted off my books.
  3. I typically book 1 month out, if you want to get on my priority-cancellation list, you need to purchase a session in advance. Then if someone cancels, I notify you and Voila!, we slide you right in.
  4. Cancelation has to happen 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you cancel last minute or within that 24 hours, you will not receive credit for that appointment.
  5. I am 100% + committed to this work with you and I know that you are really excited to begin as well. Here is what I find though, if you do not have your money invested fully before we begin, then energetically you are not fully in engaged.
  6. Additionally, You will not receive any money back guarantee from me, because when we come at this intense work with the attitude of “well, if this doesn’t work, I can always get my money back.” then the energy of your commitment is compromised.
  7. By making a purchase through my shopping cart you automatically agree to all of my terms and conditions.

The most important thing I want you to know is that the work we do together is an investment in your well-being, and you becoming more fully you!  Again, I am honored we will be journeying together in exploring your inner freedom and creating your empowered life!

With Joy and Blessings,