Susan Burrell
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Who is Susan?
Here's a bit about me

This bio thang really gets me.  I am terrible at telling people what I do.  I guess it relates back to my days as an actress and the producer would say, “Tell me about yourself”, while they read over my resume.  So I get it - a bio/resume is to help people understand who you are and the work that you do. 

So what do I think you want to know about me??

I am a feisty scorpio (was even born with red hair to back it up!) who has navigated life by learning how to listen within to the Divine urge that keeps pointing me in the direction of my life’s purpose. Even when I can’t see the road.  I am empathic. As a child this made me very uncomfortable because I could feel everyone in the room and not understand why.  I now realize that empathic part of me is a gift, and it is what I use when I work with clients to help them to uncover their brilliance and inner love. Who knew?!? Right??

I love being in conversation with people and learning what they think and feel.   In fact, I had a positive talk radio show called, “Living Your Inspired Life” that broadcast in the Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties for four years. Here is a link to one of my radio show from 2016. entitled, "Who Am I and Where Am I Going?"

Mostly, I love supporting women in their inner growth toward finding their true empowerment.  I get so much joy watching a woman unfold from her broken ideas of who she thinks she is and blossom into the beautiful and powerful being she was meant to be.  

I teach what I have personally learned and navigated in my life.  I have learned how to be with my dark side and to weed out the junk (thoughts & beliefs) that harms or no longer serves me.  I have lived it.  I have rediscovered myself after feeling that my heart and my life were shattered beyond repair, only to realize my true self - the one I was meant to be was hidden under the rubble and shards of a seemingly “broken” life.  

Oh - and I love the loamy smell of a dense forest.  And yes, I am a tree hugger!  I enjoy sunsets, holding my husband’s hand and laughing with my son. Or just plain laughing with anyone - you know that laugh that catches you by surprise and causes your entire body to participate in the joy of the moment and the people you are with.

So that is a bit about who I am and what I do.  Why not join me in learning the truth of who you are and how you too can live Your Empowered Life? 

Click HERE to listen to Susan's Podcast Shows.