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Empowering Workshops With
Susan Burrell

Do You Struggle with Making Choices?  |  Do you plow ahead until you hit a wall?
Do you feel stuck?  | Does your life have meaning & purpose?
do you feel you are just surviving?

Susan Burrell crafts her workshops with the main purpose of uncovering your deep purpose.  You and a group of like-minded women have the opportunity to participate in a series of EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOPS designed to:

  • Celebrate You - The Person You are Meant to Be

  • Explore the Truth of Who You Are - Not Who Others Say You Are

  • Develop Your Inner Resilience - And Your Empowerment

Women are waking up, becoming more than who they are.  Become part of the forward motion and create a world that works for everyone. 

Empowerment Talks - In Your own home

Susan is available to come to you. Interested in hosting an intimate gathering with your friends? Contact Susan to find out how. 

Empowerment Workshops

2018 Workshop series complete

Susan's Empowerment Workshop Series completed its first run in Ventura, California in Fall of 2018. If you were a part of one or all three of the workshops then we applaud you for taking some time out for YOU and exploring the beauty of who you are.  

Susan also hosted a small intimate Empowerment Talk in San Diego County on April 25, 2018. The women who attended explored their inner voice and searched and found pieces of themselves thought lost.  Many left the evening feeling empowered and ready to begin the journey of discovering all of who they are.

Keep an eye on this space for her next series of EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOPS for 2019.

All workshop participants will receive
a FREE Love Meditation

Let's celebrate the art and beauty of who you are from the inside out.

“I love Susan’s perspective on life. It’s really uplifted my own life, that way of positive thinking, of simply being able to shift my perspective by one degree and see things in a new paradigm. The joy and integrity she brings to her workshops is inspiring.”

Joyce, Workshop Participant