Susan Burrell

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What If ...


What if today I try to see every moment as clearly as possible?  What if today I allow myself my feelings?  What if I allow myself to feel sad or vulnerable? What would happen? 

I often hide from my feelings by keeping busy, eating too much, buying something I don’t need or playing mind games on my computer.  Other times I talk too much, I tell the story all the way to the end as if in the telling, the answer I am seeking will reveal itself. 

What if today I allow myself my feelings of insecurity, sadness, fear?  But in the allowing, have the intention of moving through the feelings; walking through to the shadow side.  What if today I allow my feelings with the intention to step into the other side?  To walk into the light; the lightness of the heart and mind. 

In allowing myself my feelings, I can begin to embrace them and hence embrace those parts of myself that may never be healed in the way I think they should. I think the internal harm I do to myself is the wanting to extract or cut away the parts that hurt or I think are ugly about myself. Instead, what if today I attempt to be okay with what is and I allow myself to feel like a victim and be sad?

If you too struggle with hiding your feelings and distract yourself with mundane or harmful actions, consider allowing your feeling to just be and see what happens.  Sometimes the simple act of doing nothing, allows for the light to come in and the healing to begin.

And so just for today say the following to yourself, it may help – I know because it helped me.

Today, I allow myself my feelings with intention to move into the light.  I am okay just the way I am.  There is nothing to heal.  I see myself as whole already with all the feelings I have.  I am okay and I allow myself to love all the parts of me. I am no longer separate from myself and therefore no longer separate from God or the Universe.