Susan Burrell


Empowerment Speaker and Author, Susan Burrell touches on topics such as; Finding Your Moral Compass, The Journey from Worthless to Worthy and Activating Your Empowerment.


Empowering Speaker, Susan Burrell

Susan Burrell crafts her motivational workshops and speaking engagements with the main purpose of guiding her audience in uncovering their deep purpose.  Speaking topics include the following and can be designed for small intimate gatherings, workshops or for large venues.

  • Finding Your Moral Compass - Are you living life out of habit? Are you unhappy; doing the same things over and over again?  Perhaps you have “lost” your way on the journey of life.  Finding your moral compass will help clarify what is truly important to you, giving you focus and inspiration as you go through your day. In this presentation, Susan helps attendees dig deep to find their inner values and create their moral compass based on who they want to become, allowing them to follow their inner guidance system.  With the help of quick experientials, attendees will leave with an awakened awareness as to why they are here and how they want to show up in their business as well as life.

  • Journey from Worthless to Worthy - We all have pockets of self-doubt that point to hidden belief systems where we feel worthless.  This talk is about creating a new system for living.  With the help of experientials, Susan guides the audience on the first steps to recognizing the garbage they are holding in their heads as they begin to develop a deeper way of listening to themselves, finding the hidden kernels of beliefs that keep them stuck.  Once the beliefs that keep cycling the low self-esteem are recognized, they can release the beliefs and build a healthier life and career.

  • Activate Empowerment - In order to activate empowerment from within, it is important to face your fears. Fear is the biggest factor of playing small and not soaring in life.  Fear holds us in bondage.  With the use of guided meditation followed by mind mapping, Susan guides attendees into facing their fears and leaving with a stronger sense of freedom and empowerment.

Susan Burrell

empowerment speaker, author and podcaster

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“I move beyond old limitations. I am free and creative. I am beautiful, powerful and strong.”
Susan Burrell - A daily affirmation excerpt from her new book, Live An Empowered Life! A 30-Day Journey Book.