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It Is What It Is ...


There is a great song by the country rock group, Old Dominion where the refrain is “It is what it is, till it was what it was, let it do what it does ’til it’s over.”

This song runs in my head often now.  A perfect "buddha-ism."  Allowing and detaching as much as humanly possible while going through some of life’s challenges.  Not at all easy, but the mantra still applies. “It is what it is, till it was what it was.”

There are so many circumstances we have no control over -fires, floods, earthquakes … but what about the seeming apocalypses of our personal lives?  Certainly we can have control over those things near and dear to us? Or can we?

I am in that life stage where my parents are in their end game, approaching their mid-eighties and life has distilled down to doctors appointments, naps, TV and how much See’s candy they can consume in a single sitting.  Emergency room visits happen too often and the solution or answer doesn’t relieve the symptom. It is what it is.  Aging, death and the upcoming dying part of all that. 

What can be done? For me, there is nothing I can personally control, but I can ask questions and be available for my parents.  I try to distract them with stories of my daily life, especially since theirs has become less-than-life on a daily basis.  But I can’t stop their progression toward the end of their lives.  I can’t slow it down or speed it up.  It is what it is.

In my calmer moments, I can allow it to “do what it does." These moments are always preceded by a time of meditation; going within myself to that place of Source where all the answers and wisdom of the ages reside. Where there is only love and compassion. That inner place where there is stillness and peace. There, I can be with “what is” and let it “do what it does” without micro-managing or forcing. In that inner sanctuary, I find my Truth that all is always Good because no matter the appearance, it is all Love.

After my meditative time, I can re-enter my life, deal with my aging parents and bring them their next box of See’s candy. Life is sweet when you allow it to do what it does.