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As an empowered woman I am sure you have felt that you have been standing on your own 2 feet for awhile.  And I imagine you might be feeling a little tired holding all that energy up. As I have been having conversations with women, many say they are empowered but … not in their personal relationships, or their jobs. There always seems to be a pocket where the energy of empowerment hasn’t quite made it. 

I think this is where we “trick” ourselves into believing empowerment is the face we show to the world. “I am strong, capable, etc.” but if we were to dig a little deeper, look at our face before we put on makeup or the mask we use to project empowerment out into the world, I am sure we would find pockets of darkness within ourselves that are not empowered.  Places that feel less-than, devalued or not worthy of all we have achieved in our lives. 

Here’s the thing, we are at a pivotal time in human history where the masculine/patriarchal paradigm is collapsing. It is falling in order to make room for all of humanity’s transformation.  This isn’t about dissing men.  It is about all of us waking up to the Divine Feminine that is here to strengthen and soften our human family. It is in partnership with the Divine Masculine. Get it??

The yin-yang of life is coming into full view for all of us to see and experience - not just the monks or gurus who have done deep inner work - but all of us! We are all here to participate in the birthing of a new humanity - one that truly encompasses all of us.  It’s a new humanity that embraces diversity - ethnic, sexual, male and female - the whole Megillah.

So what does this have to do with empowered women and standing on your own 2 feet? 

Most “empowered” women have had to take a stand - whether in the work place or in relationship, such as in divorce. But those stands have only addressed one area and often from a place of reaction to the masculine voices in our heads. Let’s face it - advertising is a masculine voice that has been telling women for decades what to buy, what to wear, how to “be” in order to attract a mate who will love you.  Or in essence “take care” of you. 

That masculine voice in our heads is not a recent development because of technology. It has been downloading within humanity for centuries. It is what has guided most religions and economies. Disempowering/disenfranchising women for so many centuries that most of us, men included, don’t even see there is a different way to be in the world, until now.

For me, an empowered woman is someone who has done deep healing work within her own self to remedy this very old entrapment of beliefs and reactions to those beliefs. An empowered woman is someone who loves herself first and therefore has loving compassion for others. She doesn’t have to fight to stand up to the masculine authority. She simply shows up within her empowered being with others (men included) who want to join hands and stand for the new paradigm of oneness, wholeness, connection and loving kindness.

To me, this is what “standing on your own 2 feet” means. Standing for the Truth of who you are from the inside - not who “they” say you are - this is your True Radiant Self.  Women have always sat/stood in circles of connection with each other in order to support each woman in that circle.  

I choose to create circles of women who are ready to connect and support each other in becoming their true empowered self. These are women who want to be emancipated from the old patriarchal/masculine paradigm, who are ready to stand on their own 2 feet empowered in every area within themselves. Women who are FREE to be themselves BRILLIANTLY living and co-creating an OPULENT life filled with love, happiness and fulfillment.

Will you stand with me in a circle of connection with other women?

Olga Singer