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Wall of Resistance

In transformational work, you often hear people talk about working through resistance or hitting their wall of resistance.


Sometimes I’m skipping merrily along my path and run smack into my wall of resistance.  Sometimes that resistance seems to be the wolf who is “befriending” me as I travel, only to side track me into an alley where I have to face not only my resistance but my fear.  Scary right?  I keep thinking once I have gotten through my resistance, climbed that wall or knocked it down, then the path will be effortless.  Except there will always to be another wall to scale.  Ugh!

Does this happen to you? Do you feel like your wall of resistance keeps appearing?  What do you do when you are facing your wall of resistance?

I believe resistance is conditioning based on past experiences.  Often the thing that built the wall is anchored in fear, shame, anger or guilt.  These things are the ‘seeming' mortar that holds the wall in place. We often decorate that wall with pretty vines or stones so that we couldn’t possibly destroy that thing of beauty. Except it is a false facade.  It is the facade that keeps you from being YOU, being empowered, being happy.

The more we can really understand deep within ourselves that the wall is an illusion, the easier it becomes to face it and dismantle or dissolve it.

So how do you take down the wall? Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a deep breath and stepping back. Ask yourself, how does the resistance and the emotion, attached to the wall, reside in your body and mind? Resistance often has an emotion fueling it. And many times it’s an emotion and/or belief that no longer serves you. Hence resistance shows up.  The resistance only stops us when we allow it to. The wall can become a gateway into a more opulent life of freedom and happiness.  Yep, I have seen it happen.

Resistance isn’t really there to stop you. It’s there to remind you that you are an amazing being on a journey of growth and evolution becoming more true to your Divine Self within. 

You can do what I do sometimes, which is stand with my nose up against the wall, yelling and screaming, (exhausting by the way) OR you can take a step back, breathe in courage and love, surrender what no longer works for you and acknowledge you are on a glorious path of becoming more of who you are.

And watch as the wall dissolves into an opening of freedom and joy.

Really it can happen! 


Olga Singer