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My journey through this life has been one of self-exploration and consequently growth.  That may be true for everyone.   The more I have learned about myself, the more I have had to let go of in order to become happier and kinder towards myself.  I suppose the self-investigation began because I thought I was imperfect or not enough.  Eventually it became about learning how to love myself first - not after I loved my husband, or child, or dog; but rather me first. 

Very hard for women to put themselves first.

I never really saw my own brilliance or knew how to accept it until I was shattered during divorce.  With all the pieces of my life scattered on the floor like a broken kaleidoscope, I began the deeper inner journey of self-compassion and forgiveness.  I truly wanted to find my inner happiness and freedom without it being attached to an outside someone or something.  Now I share what I have learned on that tragic and profound journey with women who need a guide to help them over the harrowing path of self-acceptance.  This is what LYIL Empowerment Retreats for Women is about. Finding your inner Brilliance and letting it shine. 

How I live my inspired life:

Inspiration comes from within - Everyday take time to quiet your mind. Whether it is 5 minutes or 25 minutes, it doesn’t matter as much as being still so that you can hear what your heart is saying to you. Not your mind but your heart. 

Now I take time to notice when I am feeling angry, anxious or fearful and I investigate it.  Not from the mind perspective but from breathing into my heart and allowing my inner wisdom to inform me.  

I use guided meditations to help me excavate the hidden beliefs that are keeping me from being my empowered self. 

Whenever fear or anger traps me in my mind, I cancel them out with affirmations. Try this one: I am love, I am loving and I am loving more than I ever have in my life.  Or I delete the story. I uncreate it all. I choose love and happiness. 

As a teenager I used to journal as a way to record the day.   Now I journal with the intention to get whatever angst or muck that is stuck in my mind out. Once I have written about whatever is running like a gerbil on a wheel I close the journal and go about my day free from the stuff that would have kept me down. 

Walking in nature inspires me.  Blue skies, green trees, colorful flowers all lift my heart and remind me there is more to life than my problems. 

Contemplative reading uplifts my heart and mind.  Reading inspiring books that cause me to philosophically question my life gives me great pleasure and helps me to deal with the chaos in the world. 

Laughing with my circle of friends opens me up to happiness.  Sitting with my wise and witty friends, gives me hope that I am okay.  

A circle of women centers my heart and grounds my soul. 

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