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The Proverbial “Clock is Ticking”


As women, many of us have felt that clock ticking as we approached child rearing years.  Our bodies and minds tell us that we need to find a mate if we don’t have one and procreate.  

As I have been growing older and approaching decade markers that I thought were far off in the future, I have noticed that there is another kind of clock that is ticking.  Another clock that still has to do with creating. It begins to whisper that time is slipping by.  It feels like this particular clock keeps speeding up every year.    You know the one that clangs loudly when you go to the shopping mall and see Christmas decorations in September.  The one that screams internally, “Where the Hell has the time gone!?!”  

Well, this clock appears to be about letting us know that life isn't over yet.  That we still have plenty of time to create.  To bring “new life” into the world through the contribution of our accumulated wisdom that we have been gathering over the decades.  

A friend recently reminded me that the infamous Beatrice Potter lived to be 102.  Beatrice didn’t start throwing pots until she was the ripe “old" age of 65.  She crated a huge body of work for which she became famous for.  Proving that the clock keeps on ticking just like the energizer bunny.  

Our creativity is something that is innate to all of us and there is an urge within us that continually calls us to create.  No matter what age we are.   

As you age you look toward retirement where you can be “free” to do whatever you want.  For many, they think they will be doing the things that they didn’t have time for when they were younger while they were producing an income to live on and raising a family.  But I have noticed that when many of us get there, we are at a real loss as to what to do to fulfill our creative urges.  

Myself, I have felt this new ticking that is accompanied by an inner whispered dialogue that seems to go like this…

Me: I am getting really old and time is running out.

Self: Time is non-linear therefore you will always have time.

Me: Yeah, so you keep assuring me but how do I know that that’s true?  

Self: Just do what ever you are called to do - Create from your heart with abandon.

Me: Again - easier for you - you’re some Higher being.  Here, on the earth plane we have deadlines and schedules and business plans and people to reach.

Self: Do it for your own self expression and satisfaction. It’s easy.  BE easy.

Me: Yeah, but what do I have to say? Who would want to listen to an old person like me?

Self: Your age has nothing to do with it. 

Me: Ha! tell that to my mirror!

Self: Now is the time to allow yourself to follow that Divine urge within you that has been calling you all your life to explore yourself, the world and let your radiance shine brightly.  Allow your inner joy and wisdom to shine brightly.  Create! - paint, write, teach, dance, travel, LOVE.  It is never too late.

It doesn't matter what you “do” as long as you create from your heart. 

Creating doesn’t have to be perfect.  As we age, we don’t have an external CEO that we have to be producing for.  We simply have ourself to produce for in order to satisfy that creative urge. 

I intend to live until the ripe age of ninety something.  And my clock is ticking.  I am choosing to live the second half of life creatively and with abandon.  

How about you?  What is your inner clock calling you to create and be? And will you choose to create with radiant abandon??

Olga Singer