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Paradigm Up Shift


We are living in a very uncomfortable time. Part of that is what is happening in the world, in our country.  But there is also this new paradigm that has down loaded.  It is basically forcing us to wake up.  Not slowly and languidly, rather we are being startled and shaken awake. We are being called to awaken to a deeper inner meaning that we have been very good at circumventing or just plain avoiding. The inner questions, Who am I? What is mine to do?  How can I serve? Are popping up and need answers.

In a time of paradigm up shifting, it is now time to become the fore runners of the new beginning This is a new beginning for everyone. And because it is a paradigm up-shift, the old way of living our lives doesn’t work anymore.  The problem is as humans we want to go back to what used to work.  We tend to be creatures of habit.  If something works we stick with it. I would go back to what used to work, and get so frustrated and stuck because I wasn’t paying attention to the fact it had stopped working. Talk about hitting your head against a brick wall!

In this new paradigm, nothing is truly known.  What we thought we knew has become mute.  It is an exciting, as well as a challenging time to investigate our inner meanings, reevaluate our values and priorities.  It is a time to become gentle and loving with ourselves, to become more open hearted and open handed - and face the unknown without fear but with anticipation. 

The learning curve in this new way of being can be steep, but journeying with others can make it doable and rewarding. I want to participate with women who are willing to risk the self-excavation and explore deeper possibilities of how to be more true to themselves, more creative in life instead of being a drone to society, and become more vibrant in their living choices.

This new paradigm takes courage - not in the old sense of a battle to be fought but in the new sense of surrendering what we have held so tightly as knowledge and open ourselves up to being vulnerable to the beauty of humanity and living.

That is what my work helps to uncover and solidify. Investigating deep within ourselves those deep questions that will bring answers that are better than you could have imagined, all within a supportive and loving environment.

Interested? I can tell you are….  ;)