Susan Burrell

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Guilt & Shame

I am going along with my life, learning to enjoy who I am and just being present with myself, when to my surprise, I get tripped up by guilt and shame.  I think, “Hey guys, I thought I dealt with you a while ago.  I certainly felt clear of any smears of you in the background of my mind.  So why make yourselves know to me in such heart gripping ways?”


Of course guilt snickers and shame cowers with a sly grin, waiting to see what I do next.  Will she cry? Will she close her heart and berate herself for thinking she was free? Will she allow all the ugly unworthy thoughts to run rampant in her mind, therefore unconsciously pulling a veil down on her vision and confidence? 

They watch as the old reaction to guilt and shame begins to bubble. They clap gleefully, excited to think they will have me in their throes once again.   A tear or two tumbles down but with a deep breath, I look within to find my truth.  Who am I NOW?  I am Love and beloved. I am creative and good at it.  I am courageous and strong.  I breathe into the inner wisdom of my soul and rest in a comfy chair of Grace and Love while shame and guilt become smaller emotions who really don’t have any hold on me - unless I allow them to.  I remember that I am in control of my emotions. Feelings of unworthiness no longer have a place in my mind or heart. 

And guilt and shame? They dissolve like mist exposed to sunlight and my heart shines with the knowledge I am worthy and loved and never alone.